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Power outage

We are currently experiencing a loss of power to the repeater. The repeater team is in the process of arranging access so we can investigate the cause.

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Mast replacment

The GB3EK repeater team visited the site today and carried out a complete replacement of the antenna mast. We installed 3 new T & K brackets and added a tilt over section which will make carrying out maintenance and inspections

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Back on air

The repeater is now back on air following a site visit by the repeater team. We identified a damaged UPS which has been removed for inspection and repair. Echolink/Allstar is currently disconnected.

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Off Air

GB3EK is currently off air due to a power fault. We aim to attend site on Friday 26th Jan to resolve the issue.

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New antenna under test

The repeater team visited the site on Wednesday and installed a new antenna for GB3EK. The antenna will remain for a few weeks whilst the repeater team investigates coverage and interference. The antenna is a 4 stack phased dipole from

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AllStar & Echolink status and stats

We’ve added a new page to the website that shows the current AllStar and Echolink status, connected stations and some basic stats. You can see the new page here –

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Internet Linking via AllStar and Echolink

The GB3EK repeater team visited the repeater on 28th September 2016 and replaced the backup repeater system with the main system which had been removed to have its firmware updated and power adjusted per the new NoV. A Raspberry Pi

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Repeater removed for update

The GB3EK repeater has been removed from service today in order to receive a logic update. The backup repeater has been installed and will continue to provide service to local users. We expect the logic update to take around 4

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New Website

The new GB3EK website is now up and running with many new features and information. Please keep checking back regularly for updates.

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