GB3EK Abuse

The GB3EK repeater will now be off air for extended periods due to abuse from a well known licenced amateur.

I can only apologise to regular users but it’s a choice between shutting the repeater down for extended periods or removing it completely.

If the known abuser would like to have a discussion with me, the keeper, in confidence about any issues they have then they are very welcome to contact me using the form on this website.

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11 comments on “GB3EK Abuse
  1. Robin Blyth G1FBK says:

    Why not name the person unless of course its me

  2. robert a hacker 2e1gdo says:

    when will it be back on

  3. I’d like to know when the repeater will be back up also, as I am just about to get back into radio after years of radio silence, and an hoping to be able to talk to others on it any day now.

  4. robert a hacker says:

    why is it off again it the only one I can use

    • admin says:

      The repeater is off air again due to an unlicensed user accessing it. As the keeper, I am following OFCOM advice and will continue to close the repeater down whenever unlicenced access or abuse is heard. I am sorry for the inconvenience this causes regular users but the only other alternative is to remove the repeater from air completely.

  5. robert a hacker 2e1gdo says:

    can you let me now when the repeter is back on ple

  6. Christian Sacks M3EHW says:

    I keep trying to use the repeater to talk to people but it’s constantly being turned off, I am a new (well newly back into) ham and would like to be using it to gain confidence with it, but it’s super difficult if it’s always being turned off.

  7. robert a hacker 2e1gdo says:

    this is not on keep turn it off

  8. jamie says:

    Hi. i have just come across this page and see that you are having a lot of bother with non licensed operators , we had the same down this way in Hastings GB3HE the repeater keeper took it away from site , we managed to talk to the keeper and put fusion in to the mix and he has agreed to put a fusion box up there ,, on the bases it will stay on analogue for most of the time but it will be a no tolerance repeater if we get any problems we go straight on to fusion and lock the repeater on fusion for a while and then drop down to fm again .. people will not like listening to hash i e Fusion and most of the idiots that do this type of thing will not get a fusion radio anyway

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