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Current status of the repeater is all working satisfactorily. 

04/04/2014 For some time EK has had some "Rusty Bolt" noises on TX. From previous experience I knew what it was likely to be and the working party consisting of G4HHX, M0LMK and myself visited site on the 04/04/14.

EK used to work on 2 Aerials when it had the 1.6MHz split so there were 2 off 3 element beams on the mast. We had to change the repeater to wide split some years ago due to the continuing interference from Low Power Devices and once converted we only needed 1 Aerial so used the top one on the mast. A couple of years later that Aerial failed so we moved to the bottom Aerial then that failed and therefore we needed a site visit.

The 3 element beams were used originally because of continental interference in lift conditions from equipment on the same frequency as us , but once we change to wide split this was no longer a problem.

As the repeater is situated close to the cost we do not wish to radiate RF where its not needed over the Sea, but still had to consider the small area of land behind and to the side of the repeater site. The 3 element beams did restrict this coverage so we decided to widen the beam width and change the Aerial to a 2 element with a "V" reflector this provided the front to back ratio we required and from reports so far has proved successful.

My thanks go to the working party for there assistance in lowering and raising the Aerial mast installing the new Aerial and feeder.

Due to the extreme weather conditions it was necessary to install a high grade commercial Aerial this cost in excess of £200.00. So if you enjoy the facilities provided by EK (and the other KRG group repeaters) please remember without your support they would not be there.

Thanks to all those who have donated and joined to enable us all to enjoy this hobby.

14/06/2012 GB3EK now on reduced TX power for London 2012 Olympics

24/04/2012 Forthcoming London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Ofcom have issued a Notice of Variation to commence at 00:01 on the 28 June 2012 and remain valid until 23:59 on 23 September 2012 This revised NoV for GB3EK stipulates a temporary reduction in power to a Maximum transmitter Power (Peak effective radiated power PXe): of 6 dBW This will effect it coverage in marginal areas.

Further information on the frequency allocation for the games can be found at

09-03-2012 GB3EK Live Audio Feed Configured and On Test - using the RadioReference Services
21-02-2012 New Live Audio Web Feed under configuration. Test Link Information
May 2011, GB3EK now on Twitter !!
January 2008, GB3EK changed Frequency.
25-01-2007 Echolink Gateway moved to G4TKR QTH due to the G7IUV's ADSL issues.
All appears to be running successfully and its good to see the gateway back in operation.
17-01/2007 Echolink Gateway moved to G7IUV but ISP issues. Working on this.
11-01-2007 Echolink Gateway NOV updated and hoped to be back on this week.
12-12-2006 Echolink off air due to G8PUO moving. Re-site of gateway station due shortly
24-04-2006 Echolink turned off today due to QRM.
24-12-2005 Echolink on 24/7 during Xmas period. Back to normal times 3rd Jan 2006
16-12-2005 Echolink back online
11-12-2005 Echolink offline due to control tone adjustments required. Should be back in a day or two, when we are able to adjust the linking levels.
30-11-2005 Echolink - 'Link On' voice message has been replaced with brief PTT. This resets the Gateway Mode 2 every 45 minutes, as per normal but is more subtle.
14-08-2005 Two new aerials have been installed as the old ones were not performing as expected. Positive signal feedback have been given by a number of stations.
16-04-2005 New software update to repeater logic allows for QRM mode 2, so hopefully all will be OK for the time being. Link back online.
11-04-2005 Local QRM is unfortunately still causing problems despite Don's hard work to try and alleviate. Sorry but gateway disabled until a fix is found.
12-02-2005 Gateway QSO Audio Files no available in real-time.
25-09-2004 Gateway disabled for the day, due to local QRM.
12-09-2004 Internet Gateway back on following unfortunate server probs. Enjoy!
14-08-2004 Internet Gateway back on following holiday period.
16-07-2004 GB3EK Gateway has been off for most of past 2 weeks due to Gateway TX problems and limited time to service same. All now back in full operation.
01-08-2003 GB3EK Gateway operational times extended due to popular demand.
31-07-2003 GB3EK site under slight redesign to provide Gateway link activity info. Also the menu system will change slightly to remove the unhappy graphics. Watch this space as they say....
30-07-2003 New Echolink DTMF station disconnect function now in operation. 
DTMF '#' = close all stations and DTMF 'D' = close only last connected station.
30-07-2003 New Echolink Beta V1.7 under operational test
18-04-2003 GB3EK part of the 'Work The World 24Hr'.
10-04-2003 Internet Gateway V2 Software/Hardware Link fully operational.
15-12-2002 Internet Gateway Control Software Updated to Release Candidate
15-12-2002 Rebuilt Repeater Hardware & new logic installed on site.
28-10-2002 EK's Internet Gateway up and running. Feedback welcome!
17-10-2002 EK Gets Internet Gateway NOV Approval.
18-07-2002 Live GB3EK Audio Feed to web site
17-02-2001 Replaced defective power supply
17-02-2001 Antenna feeder change and rotation of antenna 10 degrees
03-02-2001 Measure up for feeder change
17-01-2001 Return repeater to site install and test
16-01-2001 Re-align cavities and test functionality
15-01-2001 Repair transmitter and re-fit
13-01-2001 Remove repeater from site for maintenance (install temporary repeater)
07-01-2001 Carry out site visit after reported low power on transmit

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